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The word, Freedom, comes to live with, the spirit of being free,
we, human, were created to be free, with the gift of free will,
from the god, if you believe, somewhere he/she exists,
I have, read a few holy books, from different religions,
and tried to relate the gods, to the one true god,
which has been playing with our lives, in his/her ways,
but, like the way, all the stories go,
there existed a dark side, of this coin too…

Frankly, I don’t think, we were, ever captured by the darkness, cause,
darkness doesn’t take you in until you fill your heart with it,
and, if we are ready for that, I think, demons were already within,
leaving the beginning aside, we all have always been tempted,
by greed, power and possession, towards everything possible that comes in our way,
but, when someone starts to be true to us, show his colours we start screaming devil,
I mean, a face-to-face fight, between the wrong and the right, is better than closing the eyes…

Coming back to the freedom, this post is, my tribute to every FREEDOM FIGHTER,
who fought till their last breaths, for the nation, called INDIA,
and to all the Indians, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE guys!

The Struggle Of Independence

As far the history goes, the land of INDIA has seen great battles, and some inspiring leaders too. But, the struggle for independence, was the one in which the common men/women got out of their houses and fought for the only goal. The goal that changed every bit of this country. That goal was to get their freedom back for which they were ready to sacrifice, every bit of themselves, even their culture and believes, and the restrictions, which were followed for years surreptitiously.

The caste system had lost its weight in all the marches, and religions like Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs and others were walking side by side like they were brothers for ages. Nothing at that time mattered as much as the freedom, and that was the reason, group of marches had no age limit, and no sex discrimination and worries for the security of the girls and ladies.

Post Freedom

For this struggle, every Indian was one, but with the time, we have lost the spirit of masses, and again divided into groups of ashes. Ashes filtered by categories like Sex Discrimination, Religious Difference, Caste System and Superstitions, etc. Politics changed for being about the people to dividing individuals, into religions. Democracy turned people’s right to choose into vote banks. Terms like this became so casual we were stolen by rights face-to-face and media just turned our faces to other things. We don’t have news any more, We have scripts that are meant to make us feel something is happening.

But these above are my thoughts, guy after more 72 years of freedom. What I really found interesting was listening to Swami Vivekananda, recently. The man who invoked the power of youth, being one of the finest spiritual leader born in this country. It’s not crazy, his prediction about our world today came true. Damn, I can predict a future for you, reader and even that might come true. It’s not hard to see where are heading and what most of us like to while going there. Who will control us and Who will make us feel empowered?!

Listen Carefully:

I would like to draw your attention to the word, “Make us feel empowered”, that is not as same as being empowered. What makes the difference is the realization, that only oneself can empower him or her. It is the fact, that wisdom can come to you from most unlike places, that person can be your child, to your younger brother, you don’t what might become in the future. Don’t always go running after an IITian, they are as human as you are.

I live in Delhi, and yes we have Kejriwal. I didn’t vote for him, I voted for NOTA and Kiran Bedi. She was the leader, we needed. But this meme culture destroyed her. I could hear in the discussion, educated people praising him for education, like that really matters to becoming a leader.

Let me tell you a secret. “Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it’s a simple adventure story. Others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe.” by Lex Luthor. Something similar is said by Swami Vivekananda, “You will be nearer to heaven playing football than studying the Bhagavad-Gita.“, You can see it as he is asking you to play football but trust me there is a meaning to what he meant.

And yes, you can move past your boundaries of where you are born but don’t ever forget, there is always a man for the job. What mean by that is, you can’t design building unless you have learnt it and successfully practised it. If you have ever been to a village, you would know, how local worker uses to create houses and filter out a room that was meant to be a cold storage place.

Why did I vote for Modi?

To be honest, I saw him as a strong leader, that could make the difference. You know, I really thought he could empower me. And I don’t mind admitting that I was wrong. I was yet another human, who was lost in his own world. Admitting to the fact, I didn’t hear his single speech, to his promises and his perspective for the future of this country. I didn’t know his ideology and his operational skills. It was a bad case of hiring. I know, my single vote didn’t make this happen. But I am taking responsibility for the vote. #ITakeResponsibility

Ok. Let me share when I realised I did wrong by all of us. When I heard his speech for the first time, It was been 3rd and 4th lockdown 2020, The #atmanirbhar speech. I registered this word “Atmanirbhar” so many times in that speech of 30 minutes, I could figure out, that I m independently responsible for my own life and that is the word of the most powerful leader ever selected by the people of this country. I can tell you and all of you, would agree the power he holds right now was never attained by anyone else and we gave that to him.

Something from history:

So as the pandemic broke lose, I started digging history to understand, how earlier leaders and kings used to deal with such situations. I realised how kings used to take the donation given to temples and use that support the people and reduce the cost of basic essentials.

There are more than 2 million Hindu temples in our country and that is the only one of the religions of this country. I understand that money from these places is used to maintain the place and surrounding and the salaries of workers. But 10 bucks from each place is 20 million. But I don’t trust our leaders right now. I don’t trust them for using this money to benefit people and reduce the costs for essentials.
It’s like sitting over the solution but you cannot use it because we live in a cursed world.

Frankly, the ark of humanity has lost it, its course,
and no one, really care to look like the world as a whole,
As a whole, we have more than 4,79,931 individuals to this virus,
we are divide by each other, by the boundaries, the one,
which wasn’t created by us, but exists as a restriction over us,
these boundaries capture our freedom and of the ones, that matter,
it’s not just about India, or some of the other countries we are one,
cause everyone who makes history is part of humanity!

Freedom comes with a price, and that is, that you have to make a stand, to protect yours, and of others, cause that’s exactly what our freedom fighters did!

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