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High Hopes

Everyone has been high in their lives,
And when I say high, I mean the moments,
When you felt, without the wings you have been flying,
like there exists someplace, above the cloud Nine,
where there is a party going on, till the night dies,
like when jumping off the bridge, into a river,
which seemed sane, even with the insane height,
Like motivating a bunch of people, to come, to some party,
where your appearance is hard to be found,
and later posting pictures of a broken arm,
with the caption, I fell off the bike…

Like dating the whole group of besties, side by side,
and when caught, breaking up with everyone,
for a reason, you still can’t justify,
Getting into an argument, in which,
you don’t know, where your side exists,
Kissing in front of people,
while they stare at you, and all you say to them is Not Now,
Cancelling date with a girlfriend, to go on, to another date,
and when caught, saying it was supposed to be a surprise, and why are you so late.?
Breaking up simultaneously in a week, so blur,
and when a friend asks about the previous relation,
you end the conversation by saying, it was great relation,
but I m still trying to figure out, who is she I m referring here….!!

High in life is not restricted by people, culture or relations,
not even to the moments, when you went cool and froze the time,
its actually the joy which gives us this ride, and stops time,
while we get these, not so medical frostbites,
like when standing in front of the old school’s gate,
and remember the time,
when you used to wait for school’s end,
or even jump off the fence walls, at the time of our free will,
like when standing at a place, which changed the path of your destiny,
or the place, where you used to wait for someone every day,
and today there is just a hope to see them again,
or moments, which still crosses you by,
as a tear or joy of winning some one’s smile…

Being high all the time isn’t crime,
but getting unnecessarily drunk,
and then you fell asleep or starts shouting like a banshee,
is something which can’t be justified,
I mean it’s not being high,
it’s just worst way to tell, my body, can’t hold my liquor,
I don’t say its liquor that is bad,
I consume it and for which I m glad,
but maybe your reason ain’t getting so well,
so what you can do, is try to relax,
and join the soul and body which have been apart,
and to drug teens, it ain’t that cool, the way it looks,
we have lost so much of us, to a joint of weed,
why can’t you hold to liquor dear, whisky, vodka or beer?
or try to stay high as the way, your life cheers,
but don’t use the god’s free will here,
if he wanted this for you,
he would have given, weed instead of every flower near you…!!


“If you are scared of getting high in life, then you would never have your actual flight!”

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