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Self Reflection

Self Reflection is part of human life, no matter how blessed you are,
You shall fall at the side, ignorance doesn’t stay forever,
Part of life is actually to realise, but what is the fight of life,

Who m I?

To this, frankly, I couldn’t listen to an answer, that could satisfy,
no matter, how different you see yourself, you can’t outrun your human side,
and your mind which never goes out of things to think, till you die,
So, what I m trying to say here,
No matter, how much you run from this question,
This one here has been in your mind, for a couple of times,
but, this question doesn’t matter, as much its answer does,
and, so we face a new chapter of life, called self-realised…

Self-realisation has been the biggest challenge in everyone’s life,
people have gone wandering, into the jungles, in the ancient time,
and, many of the people are found meditating, during the earliest of times,
many of these people said, they felt a great change in their life,
like there was this piece, that had been missing throughout their life…

Sure, it’s been missing, but that is just lost in our lifestyle,
the moment, you take a break from your casualty and,
bend the rules of your life, you will get the time to spend with,
the only person, you cannot throw out of your life, I mean, you…

Frankly, I don’t think, this as self-realisation, as much as self-reflection,
what is the basic problem is here, is that nobody tells you half your life,
what is self-realisation, and bang, when you come to know about it,
this whole chapter seems to be out of life…

The great part is that no one seems to have a clue where to look,
cause it’s not about from where you came, or where you went in your life,
and neither, it’s about where you stand right now,
nor about the people who you came across in your life,
it is just the question, which starts within you and will end with you…

As we come to the end of this post, I would love to give a try to the answer,
frankly, I don’t think, I m not anything, more than just dust,
which is going to be the part of this great earth,
I m gonna be so small, that there will a question over my existence,
but, who is gonna be the person with this question?

Surely not me, maybe, not even you,
maybe, its gonna be a whole new generation,
who will understand that this dust,
can’t be stopped from boundaries, or stay forever as a part of one country,
or belong among the same group of people from the man-made religion,
I m gonna be dust, and maybe even you too, and everything we belong to,
and we all are gonna be together, as a part of this great earth!

In the end, I would like to quote Vishal Verma:

“Sometimes looking forward, is neither scary nor heavy. It’s just in the way, how you wanna see yourself!”


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