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The Girl Who Never Cried

Short Story about a girl and how I came to know her.
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If I try to be honest, I don’t think that’s how I remember her,
I was sixteen, and in all honesty, I had made peace with a lot of things,
Reading Issues, Yeah I had Dyslexia,
Strain my brain to the point, it was just not fair,
You know, how they say, pressure makes diamonds,
Well, Diamond Memory that remembers everything,
I scored a perfect score in subjects like history for consecutive 6 years,
Memory Issues, for sure, all it took was a week,
which was literally duration of time, I was seeing people,
Daddy Issues, there were still nine years for that to pass,
But like any teen, I was out of it, pushing into other things…

The girl who never cried, I know, it’s hard to describe,
What does that stupid writer mean?
Does he think all the girl’s cry?

But, believe it or not, sometimes when you look at the life of others,
Going through a turbulent time, and You think you have no clue about it,
I have come across one, in the 16 years of my existence,
Why would someone, want someone to cry?
Doesn’t make sense right?
I mean sure its good for your eyes, and emotional balance,
Let me tell what I would have thought, 10 years ago,
Crying does make sense, cause sometimes its good to cry,
So that those magical eyes of yours don’t go dry,
That the wound of pain could be healed, with every moment that passes by,
So that for once, you could be free, from the pain, scream out loud!

Something About Me:

I m on the condition, called paralysis of love, I don’t cry, I don’t scream,
I feel nothing but pain, and to rub me to my misery,
the night doesn’t seem to end,
but, there are, these times, when this one tear, just goes out of these eyes,
not, cause of pain or happiness, but, at the time of enlightenment,
cause that when I m most close to myself,
To my angel and to the devil, I have been living with…

Back To The Main Story:

Last night, I was lost, in the memory of this beautiful girl,
I once knew more than myself, this is the girl, who never cried,
and the one who made me realise, that a drop of tear is something,
which, is more than, a mention on some body’s face, from thy occasional memory…

I met her, at the time, I was single, and believe it or not,
Just at the verge of, becoming a Casanova,
We were at a common friend’s party, and that time, all the charm I had,
Used to just travel in the air, Less was more, and,
Words didn’t really have thought,
But there are times when you just run out of luck,
I had just started to have that time there,
So, when I decided to call it, the night, I finally met this beautiful girl…

We had, some sort of twisted conversation, with a lot of intensity there,
and after a month later, I asked her, to change her Facebook status,
To Committed,
we were together, for almost one year, 11 months actually, 5 days more or less,
It was like, my first longest relation, which could have ended,
Without being a disaster,
Leaving that aside, in this whole time, I came to know her story…

When she was a little kid, she had a big brother,
who she lost during a fire accident,
She was really close to him, and due to this accident, there was some problem,
In her parents’ lives, and like a month, before we had met, she had seen,
Her dad with some other lady, she couldn’t tell her mother about this,
Because her mother had got a heart condition,
And had got one minor heart attack, after that accident…

Frankly, her life was really stressed, as much I knew,
and had felt being with her,
Even after that, this girl never cried, for like once, in front of me,
And, when her father asked for a divorce, and her mother was sad,
Because she thought, it was her fault that her relation was destroyed,
as her dad, only told her mother, that much, she was heartbroken,
and, she stepped up for her mother and slapped her dad,
told everything about the lady, to her mother,
and i guess hearing that made her mother stronger, toward life and to all this situation…

Later, after this whole incident, she told me that, she doesn’t feel anything anymore. When I told her, it was really strong of her to do that. She said, she saw her mother crying and shedding tears, like most the time and those tears always looked like weakness to her and that’s why she couldn’t just shed a tear anymore!

I frankly don’t know if shedding tears makes, you strong or weak,
But, it does help you in moving on, in life,
No matter, how big pain you have, no matter, if you are alone,
You can cry, tears don’t look for people, to come down the eyes,
Its a part of being human, being strong and weak at both time,
So I guess, shedding tears is part of being alive,
No matter, what life throws at you,
You are always strong enough to handle, yourself!

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