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Slave To Love

Blog About Cyber-Bulling and misuse of digital world | Love Life Not The Bullies Who make you regret your love.

I know, the slave with love, looks a bit harsh,
but, trust me, when I say this, love is the only word,
which can be accompanied, by any word, ever used in this world…

I think, it was created in such a way, that its need,
never goes out of life, of a man or woman,
and, this love creates the feeling, of being,
Happy and sad, both, at the same time,
brave to face and afraid of the world, like all the time,
When this Love is gone, these lovers go crazy,
morning loses its goodness as it rises with the sun,
And night never seems to die, at the dawn,
wait for a text or a call, traps the eyes onto the phone,
Being rude and mean to everyone seems fine,
Just waiting for every second, to have a moment of deep pain,
so that, just for that moment, you could forget about this love of your life…

You know, no matter how much, you pray you can’t have that life back,
Some lose the desire to move on, and
Some move, around like, they have already died,
and there are some lovers, who make choice,
to live and remember, this pain and their love,
and live the life of slavery under the rule of love, aka SLAVE TO LOVE…

We did get a lot of creative people, from that category of lovers,
I too made this choice, cause I can’t hate girl, I fell in love with,
no matter how hurt I m, or how disturbing my things seem right now,
but, the love in my memories, doesn’t decrease with the passing time,
and I know, it won’t change, cause memories are forever,
So I want to be, a memory which stays the way it was,
and, I want to be your lover, which shares all your loss,
and still look forward to the moment, when we could smile together,
cause, nothing is more beautiful than that memory, even if it is yet to happen!

There are some lovers, who start to hate their very creator, The love itself,
hatred toward love is fine,
but, hatred toward your ex, is a question over your love,
I mean, there have been incidents of MMS, and pictures of an ex, being forward around,
and, this is not quite an act of revenge, as much as it sounds like, an act of filth,
you shouldn’t be considered, as a lover on this road,
cause, my not-so-good-friend, actions speak louder than words,
and, this action could be, only done by the person, who is, SLAVE Of his ADDICTION!

The thing, one must really understand here, is that you can’t underestimate the power of the Internet, and frankly no one should. My blog has crossed 1000 page views over the 27 posts, getting page views from 12 countries, around the world. I live in India, and most of many page views, come from united states.

What I m trying to say here when we are young,
everything seems fine and fair,
and yet, on the other hand, it could be destructive for some other life,
but, sharing with consciousness, could be the best approach here,
Youth doesn’t understand the difference between cool and being out of line,
Example of that is Bois Locker Room, and when I heard girls being involved,
I don’t know some part of me, just somewhere dies,
You know this world was way shady before these kids came along,
and somehow the future seems to die in dark, deep inside,
This is not messing around, this is just wrong without a doubt…

I remember two of my friend getting bullied, on Facebook,
while I was in school, one of them was a boy and another was a girl,
I literally helped to get both the pages down, well actually one of them,
See having an audience comes with a sense of responsibility,
Girl’s morphed pics page was taken down by the help of my friend,
We blocked and report the page till it out of our site,
But Guy’s page was never taken down, there were personal comments made,
Which abused the guy and girl he was seeing that time,
We literally went to vice-principal and were made to walk out of the room,
Thanks to improv, I went back in and made sure that people who were engaging,
Were stop by making it seem like the image of school will be destroyed at large…

“You can push through anything, all you need to think is that you can last!”

Coming back to this post,
if you were really strong enough, to fall in love, then,
the part of consequences is for you to deal with,
I know, it sounds like a tough choice to make, with a broken heart,
but, trust me, I have been there, and the moment,
when I pressed delete, I felt good in a way, which hard to explain by words!

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