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When You Walked Away

Poem about breakup, love broken into two and blue moon night. Sad Poem about lost puppy. Writing memories of the past!

I know its been 4 years,
since us, has broken into two,
but why, can’t I just get over you…?

A night before yesterday,
I saw you passing by,
in friction of sights,
it became, a blue moon night,
cause it feels like a decade since we have been you so close,
it looked, just like another moment,
when I had to watch you go…

Don’t know why, but I started to follow you,
I walked behind you like a lost puppy,
While writing this, it sounded identical
cause she used to call me, a doggy,
yeah, cause I end up like a dog,
from a pack of dire wolves…

throwing memories aside,
Maybe I was waiting for you to look,
Just like old-time, before you leave,
you used to turn around wave me goodbye,
which would say to me…

its okay doggy, it’s just the night…

I never understood that magic, in your eyes,
no matter how long I had been lost in them,
there was always a craving, for one more time…
Though I tried to say hi,
but those words don’t come easily,

After a goodbye,
which could be worthy to stop you,
So I watched you walk away, and,
It was almost like the night when our relation, died…!

Yeah, I did crave later, cause I just could have started by wishing a happy new year…

If you ever read this blog, I know, you would know that I m talking about you…and I m really sorry for not seeing you after break up, it was really hard for me…!!!

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