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Friendship Heights

Friends are just like unconditional support,
which gets conditions, which are actually low,
they are your mate in every crime,
for the sake of a chat or treat of wine, or for joys of beer,
they just care for you,
like you have been brothers for life,
that is not like a relation, there is a feeling of a bond,
which is not about, duration of relation,
rather it’s about a moment of celebration,
celebrations which are not restricted by occasions,
every moment with them is a festival of joy,

we create moments and passes them by, we are complicated as much as we should, we share an awkward smile when one of us is sad,
or craving for love, while he is drunk, like hell,
we don’t blame each other, for the reason, it should be,
but, rather fight for a girl, no one is interested in,
we get jealous when other is, at top of the ride,
but, we stick together in bumps of life,
we make decisions with a flip of a coin,
or make bets for, a lively time,
we don’t change each other for the sake of good or bad,
but, rather enjoy each other for the time we have,
no matter how much we fight, and how long we don’t talk,
we would always refer to each other as bros until our heart stops….!!!

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