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Poems about Life in lockdown due to Covid19 and Nature. Thought on the magic of thinking big and flowing in the river of time.

Isn’t Boundary supposed to be the line, which is meant to bound us,
drawn by our parents, our ego, self-respect and sometimes, by us,
but, isn’t this, our curse, that we can’t stop,
I mean, take our mind for an instance,
it’s capable of, thinking 5 times faster, then the way we can speak,
So, what, it does it thinks, in the free time,
Really, what do you think about, in this time of lockdown?

I know, you don’t remember,
cause we have the gift to forget,
we spend hours, days, and years, thinking about something,
that we forget, so easily, like we never even knew about it.

Just, for example,
How many of you thought about the impact of lockdown on Nature?
How many of you were surprised by the results?
How many of you realized that once this lockdown is over?
We might just go back to the place from where we started, or worse,
I know these just 3 thoughts, what about the other two things,
Was it your breakfast that was in mind, or some foodie delight,
Was it the weight you are putting on or was it about your pocket,
Don’t tell me you were thinking of the economy!

Let me share, what I had in mind,
The amount of money they took from us to make this world right,
I read somewhere (link) that,
The Indian government spend around 70 billion rupees on Ganga, in 2018,
It’s a sacred river for many communities and religions, in India,
That is a big figure, how big, it is 1,31,92,700 US Dollars,
And they had no results,
And if you take moment out of your life,
To find the exact total spend to clean it, till now,
Trust me, You will feel the shake,
And it’s not just that it is about one river, Ganga,
Wherever you are, just pick one river or lake or glacier,
Find out the figure, and check out what happened during the lockdown,
Ganga was declared fit to drink in a lot of places through which it travels,

Let me give you the second thought, I had after this,
Were they really trying to clean the Ganga or preserve nature,
Or Were they always trying to ensure,
the level of pollution that reaches the river is less harmful,
I know I m quite optimistic,
But doesn’t mean that the other thought never crossed my mind!

Strange, I don’t think so,
The real Strange would happen, after you are awake,
Because from here,
the message, that you got, won’t be shared,
the image, that you saw in the mirror, won’t reappear,
the light, which just got your its first spark, won’t be the flame, dear!

“What I really believe is that man-made fire can do more than just burning down jungles.” ~ Vishal Verma

What I feel, is that we build our self, we create our boundaries,
I mean, that rigidness, we feel after being inspired,
that pause within the body, and mind, those incredible goosebumps,
that instant feeling, that says, “One man can make difference.”,
Or that one, which says “I have what is required to bring change.”,

I know, that many moments are wasted,
about our relationship status, display picture, and many other social wears,
but, saying that you never feel any of the two,
makes me guess, how asleep you have been,
and guess what, there is another group, of people to company you,
who would say, “I have been busy enough, to feel if I do”,

I mean, if someone can be so busy, that he/she doesn’t have time to feel,
Then, that person, cannot be, the part of our city, HUMANITY!

What I was trying to express here, is that,
Boundary and limitation, are the two terms,
we can’t differentiate, nowadays,
boundaries are created by us, and a boundary becomes a limitation,
when we decide to believe, that we don’t make a difference,
and blame other people, to be the reason for our limitation,
that is the only time when we do not have the power to achieve, a position,
and that the other person, really does at that time, is to, give you the invitation,
to share the moments of frustration, to be the part of your life,
like a page in a book, or a letter in a word,
or, to be the spark for change in this world….!!!

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