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Blame it on the rain

Poetry about the Blame, and how it affects our way of life, in our belief in change, the moments and opportunities. How to deal with the blame at work.

BLAMES are lame unless we put them on others,
that’s what, I mostly I use to do,
and practically, they sound fun, that way,
and, who really likes to take the blame on themselves?

Look around, there are these people,
who believe in change,
who have the power, to change,
these are the ones, who know that,
This world is getting tangled by putting blames,
and if you take, a deep breath,
and think what happened every time, you skipped a BLAME,
you will learn that,
it was an experience, that you missed,
The gate, that you never passed,
it was a moment, that you never had,
The opportunity, that you gave to others, or Bad luck for him/her,
But it was time when you could have inspired someone,
but, all you did, was to tangle this world and blame one another!

Locked In, Not being able to get out,
Since I haven’t been well
Each day I had spent my evening having coffee
And looking at eagle flying so simply in the sky,
like he is not even trying to think of the things,
that lay down, from the place where he glides,
she/he wears the crown…

Blame leads me to, a false life, with false values,
and the pain, which pierced my heart, with the arrow of sorrow,
It was the time, I wish no one ever gets,
Imagine if, everyone starts taking their blames,
Then there won’t be, a need to put blames,
no need to depend on or defend others,
and eventually, there won’t be, any need to offend others!

Updated Text:

So I started working after a while, I wrote the post,
And to be honest, I discovered a new kind of blame,
Trying to save one’s ass, trying to stay in the good books,
And it really hits the morale and the spirit,
Being there I wrote something special for you!

At first, you feel angry,
Then you feel the pain,
That’s when God starts rain,
I know, this world ain’t gonna change,
But fuck it,
It ain’t about the people,
You want to blame,
It’s about you,
And the fact, are you going to change?

Let’s end it with a quote shall be,

“You are destined to achieve more if you are working more than what you were hired for…”

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