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Loss Of Consortium

Photo by Kiran CK on Unsplash

Poem about Love, Loss and Sacrifice. Travel through growth, first love, and finally the difference between A Loss and A Sacrifice.

As we grow, we lose a lot of things,
that we can’t forget, like,
our first kiss, or the time, you missed,
our first love, or is it the time, which was questionable,
your first friend, or was he/she, just a pile on guy or girl,
an event of shame, or being BLAMED,
a moment of surprise, or a series of crisis,
coming in a day, side by side,
And just there is, another load of things,
which we don’t remember,
cause maybe, those things were, JUST THE STUFF,
stuff that we use, leave, and move on,
and when we need them again,
we have to search for them…

What I want to say here, is that try to realise every word I say,
feel the soul of it, just try to just relate here,
we lose things, all the time, and frankly, there is no wrong in it,
but, I have found something wrong, that I have been doing, and maybe you too,
We have been missing the importance of a little sacrifice…

Today, we often find our self, getting confused,
With the Difference between, A Loss and A Sacrifice,
I have been spending most of the time, repenting to my sins,
and to the girl, I mentioned in, Story of 26th December,
she was the loss I had, and I still love her,
cause I could never forget you, every step I took, was,
cause I was addicted to you and your demand of 2 years wait,
was getting, was too harsh for me, to bear,
and later when you told the story, otherwise,
I just couldn’t be, all ears,
and got back to Mr RUDE,
but, now there is a part in me, that grew away from the association,
and So, I take the blame of no us, from you, on me,
and this made me realise, this difference, that is,

Association really changes the perspective of a person,
when it comes to handling the situation,
We feel different for different people,
and this difference creates the extent of us, as individuals,
to what limit will you go help her/him?
But the difference between the loss and sacrifice,
is the aftermath of this association,
Do you see it as a loss or do you feel fine with it?

Sacrifice is the act of the soul, from us,
what we lose here is a part of us, something which we own,
In Contrast, a loss is something, which we never lose, cause we never had it,
cause we never had the right, to call it ours,
A loss comes and goes, with a pain,
Likewise, I know, it’s insane, but, isn’t it for an instant,
I mean, it just comes and goes,
and Most Noteworthy is the fact that it’s over,
even before the lesson, you may never know,

Cause a sacrifice never goes to waste,
I won’t say, there is no pain,
cause that will be, a lie, in front of god’s eyes, that’s you,

Most importantly, there exists a feeling of joy,
and believe, which is the most powerful weapon of humankind,
it was what we all need, a belief,
that a sacrifice is not a loss,
no matter, where we live or what language we speak,
we have to believe, there exist, good in whatever is bad,
sacrifice is that beam of light,
which lights the whole room filled with darkness…!!

Cause we have reached the end, I would like to quote myself:

“A little sacrifice for believe looks brightest, inside the black clouds of darkness!”

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