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Love Like Choco Lava

Poems about Love and Thoughts on a feeling that melts you away. Melting like Chocolate. Feeling Of Love, Magic, and the world.

Have you ever felt something,
which was more than anything, you ever felt,
Like maybe the first time, when you fell in love,
Or, your first long hug,
Like the first time, when you felt a newborn, heartbeats,
Or, the time, when you were tricked into something,
And in my case, Everything,

The first time, you felt, those breaths, so close,
that you can feel them, on your face, and that stops this universe of time,
these feeling are what keeps us alive,
they give flavours to our life,
colour our world with all the magic, that exists in this world…

Today, I m gonna share, one of those rare feelings,
which I felt, in the very beating heart, of mine,
For all the lovers, its choco lava cake feeling,
I m sorry about the name if you don’t like it, or in this case, you’re dieting,

This is the most special feeling, I ever had in love,
it was the time, I went to meet my girl,
and for time sake, it had been while, since I had seen her,
I was waiting for her arrival, and God she was pretty late,
as a kind of person, I was,
I plugged myself to music, and stood next to the wall,
and that was when my girl entered the premises,
Don’t know why she just rushed toward,
and gave the tighter hug, then the one at previous goodbye,
I just wish I could explain the feeling, I had at that moment,
it was like, I was melting down in her arms…

My HEART had never felt so loud,
it was then, she said, she could feel my heartbeats,
and then touched my chest, oh, it was like lava flowing in my heart,
it was like she touched my soul, and in my arms, was the perfect soul,
and later when hug ended, her face was like the most adorable moment,
for this life……

You know, the very meaning of love, is getting lost,
but, True love can never be lost,
cause the love survives in the moments,
not with the person, This guy is still in love,
and no matter, my lovers are gone,
I m still, breathing in love, with those moments, in me…

All I can do is just pray for you all, that you get to feel,
this moment in your life with your loved ones,
And all those who are low, or heartbroken,
don’t think there is no love,
cause even if I don’t know you, or see your face,
you are still that flame for me, that has the power to enlighten this world,
and I m glad to tell you, I have been deeply and madly in love with you!

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