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The Endless Fall

Poem about Love Story Of Life | Story of Christmas miracles
Explore Best poetry collection about the devil and his endless fall.

Fall is part of life, we all have seen failure in our life,
coming or passing by, challenging or testing us,
on all grounds, you stand or stood,
by all means, good or bad,
some say they are created by God,
to teach a lesson, or to reveal some mystery,
but, to what I believe, or from my past experience,
It’s our karma, played in reverse, over us,
till the moment, we break, and realise, what was worth,
what is our limit and how helpless we have been…

Endless fall, ain’t the tragic story, which just passes by,
its the pain, in which my heart died, but I m still living,
So let me take you to the time when I wasn’t the Black Heart Aashiq,
I was just me, it was the time, we left in Story of 26th December,

I had been living, and enjoying the devil’s life,
relations were short, and love was strong,
when I met this beautiful little angel, she was a beautiful soul,
everything about her, was perfect, except the one,
that she loved me, and one fine day, she realised it,
just after praying in church, with me for us to stay long,

on the very day of Christmas, and like they say, miracles happen,
on the morning of 26th December, I received the seven-page long message,
of my break up, I had actually changed, every bit of devil in me,
and yet, I didn’t get girl,
as long as Six months sound, I waited for her,
cause she said, she needed two years,
but, except this statement, she didn’t stick to anything else,
not even to the reason for break up,
Within those six months, I was walking dead,
Even got the official declared in the worst category,
Of that guy, we all have in our family…

I know, that doesn’t sound bad,
But it was just a total mess,
She cheated on me with her best friend,
I know that is bad, but I was her first relationship,
And she was into her friend,
but they never asked each other out,
Bad luck of mine, I was looking for long relation,
And somehow she popped out at the right time,
I know, what you are thinking?

Why I m trying to justify her cheating,
Cause to be honest, even after a year of relation,
If she would have come out clean I would have been fine,
But she just went crazy, and lied, and lied again,
Till the point, she said she might die,
For as long as 6 months, even made me wait,
Till she figured out, why she did whatever she did?

What I didn’t like was the fact she was blaming others for her lie,
I was fine, cause I don’t really judge anyone,
We do things in the way how world seems right in our head,
I am not perfect, just like that there is no one else,
In a way, you can say I have no expectation,
Quite early in my life, I figured the most valuable thing,
that we hold with ourself, is time…

And even though time was kind of worst for me,
I still had friends, left with me,
and as I have said in one of my earlier posts,
they can be all the support, you need,
and yes, they were there, for this fool,
till he met one from My Last Temptation.

She asked me out, and Damn, I had the most beautiful life ever since, then,
I m in love, was in my every breath, as truly as it could get,
I was a slave of love, I was her ranjha n she was my heer,
ranjha n heer are like lovebirds from an Indian love story,
who both die in end eventually, so coming back to my story,
after a year, everything went wrong, as wrong as it could get,
and it ended changing me to, Black Heart Aashiq, now,
think about, what was the most difficult time, of all the time, you ever had,
for me, it wasn’t been broke, or been away from my home,
Or, living life of hatred from everyone, whoever once loved me.

It was the cost, others had to pay for me, just for the worthless end of my story,
I was lead in my story, by all means, the price was mine to pay, but,
when everyone related to me, was hurt, it went like a fire inside my heart,
that burnt my heart to ash, so, I had to live again as the devil,
but this time, darkness wasn’t mine, as it was once,
and, so I fell, deep down, in the feelings of, remorse and sorrow,
eventually, within this darkness, I looked for myself,
and with the light of hope and believe,

I saw darkness trying to hide within itself,
and this Fall just doesn’t seem to end,
its death card for the devil’s life,
the point where boundaries couldn’t be drawn,
its the point where I wasn’t aimless, anymore,
where there exists no confusion,
And That’s Where my immortal soul Grew!

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