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Growth – Conclusion of Endless Fall

Poem on how to live your life: Are you feeling lonely in pursuit of happiness? Spiritual Growth is the Key. No more lies, No more noise!

Growth is continuous process, kind of like time,
you know, neither stops nor waits, for anyone,
sounds selfish, but, it seems practical, as we grow,
as I see the world, there exist three types of, childhood, along with growth…

The first type includes kids who are desperate to grow,
I mean, its like the biggest part of their life,
in like, every context and every wish, you hear,
“When I grew up, I would …”, kind of irritating,
But, as much as I have seen, these are kids, are the one,
who ain’t comfortable, with something or someone in their life,
They want to change their life, move away or move in with someone,
Its sort of like pursuit of happiness, not the movie, just in life…

Second type, includes people who doesn’t wanna grow,
I find them, the most cutest and adorable one,
and their parents, can frankly be applauded, for being the nice ones,
when I was little kid, I was so much like that,
praying each year to the almighty, to again start the year,
running around with my toys, and growing attached, to my each toy,
and I remember, my dad while buying me each toy,
saying to my mom, it’s not like, he is gonna play with them, for life,
and eventually the joy of new toys,
died, taking no growth wishes, side by side…

Third type, are my favourite, the ones, who are just,
so busy to notice the damn time, and frankly the luckiest,
cause I wish, I could just ignore my surrounding,
and just act busy, with my life, and my so-called Image,
in front of people, I don’t even greet by saying, HI, today,
sounds so much like a normal teenage life…

We grow every day, not in just our height,
or, by changes in our body, or, from our childhood,
but, we also grow as a human being,
every chapter, and every character, from the story of our life,
makes as, a better or, worse person, and,
the fact, to be remembered, is that,
the choice is always supposed to be made by us…

Coming back, to where we left, last time, The Endless Fall,
Have you ever had the moment, that completely drowned you,
into the very darkness, created by you, I have,
there was a point, during this fall when I was so tired of life,
that I was praying on 11/12/12, to end the world, stop this pain,
which was eating me, from inside, and on 13/12/12,
when the world didn’t end, I was totally frustrated…

While sitting near the window, I saw this old man, falling to the ground,
the watchman rushed to him, and a few men from the road,
rest of the people stopped for a moment, and just passed by,
this made me realise how stupid it was, to wish for the end of the world,
just for the sake, to end my pain, and how small part of this world, I am,
I mean, I was in deep pain, throughout my veins, to the leftover soul of mine,
and my whole family’s lives were back, to their daily momentum,
and to the world, maybe I didn’t even exist…

This was the moment, I touched the ground of my endless fall,
and finally, after 18 years of living alive, I realised,
Where I was, what is my true identity,
What I know and what I have learnt, who I wanted to be,
Who is for whom, so I could live the rest of my life?

I know, the last question is weird,
but, frankly, I had lived for like 18 years for myself,
and I m nowhere, but living in darkness,
not of mine but of the worlds, I cross by,
I m not Vishal Verma anymore, and I m from that love story,
Where the lovers didn’t die, and I loved it, it is the start of a new story,
Other than that which we are fed to us, immortal love post-death,
No more lies, No more noise, think of this as me finding the light,
in the darkness of my heart, and life, choices that defined me…

Ok, so somewhere down this lane, I think I grew up,
I passed a thrash hole, I m not saying, I got wiser,
I still have to climb my out of this darkness,
But I know that I will, grow bigger and get out of this theme,
And it’s not like me,
but I feel there are many who have been stuck somewhere,
I know, your pain, and the things, that depresses your soul,
and I m gonna look for you around, and heal you with every word,
that comes in this poet’s heart, cause you are not alone, I m here with you,
I m the guy, who is completely and madly in love with you,
and your ability to share this light of joy and happiness to everyone, that passes by…

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