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Last Words[Part-1]

Memories are forever, and if you are good enough, to create a memory,
for someone, you become impossible to forget kind of, person,
and I think, that’s kind of, special, to know that you will be remembered.

Like memories, I have heard some people say, love is forever, to that,
I m not sure, I mean, sure love is beautiful and all, but, forever, seems like a long time,
I mean, look back to all the love stories, you have known, I mean all of them,
the ones with happy endings like, “THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER”,
to the ones, with a dead-end, of both the lovers,
love always transforms, it doesn’t exist as of one,
I mean, okay, I agree, love survives without the lovers, but, that ain’t true love,
the love of lovers, was true, at its purest form, but the people,
who have a sudden change of heart, dilutes the very meaning of true love,
cause it’s neither gonna be, the change, that exists forever,
nor gonna be, the one, which is gonna come out as same, forever,
but sure, it’s gonna dilute sacred idea behind LOVE…

Last words of love, are those moments, which stays with us,
as a scar, onto our heart, made while finding our way out of love,
and to some special of us, it also helps in explaining the break-up,
Okay, so here are some last moments I have to spend with, the love, that couldn’t survive this time,
I had been in love, for most of the time, of my life, but the time, which made the first expression,
was with The Girl Who Never Cried, it happened 2 months after our break up,
Our break up was one of the most beautiful moment, we had to spend together,
frankly, cause both of us, had our hands clean it, her mother was moving out of the city,
along with her, and both of us, couldn’t do anything in a situation like this,
too far I remember, we spent the whole day together, collecting the memories,
from all the places, we had gone together, and at last, the girl did the magic,
leaving me with a kiss and some tears, the kiss was beautiful under the street light holding her,
and said, don’t follow those girls, cause you can do, and please at least think about me,
once in a year, and I know, you won’t try to stay in touch, so I m not gonna force it,
so, from tomorrow, enjoy living…to which I asked, what you meant, and she said, I know it…

Frankly, I didn’t get this, it, a bit at that time, but, after since she left, I was got crazy, I just wanted to know, what she meant by this, I wasn’t cheating, that honestly was the first thing, that came to my head, and after a week, I noticed, I was just doing all opposite it, to all she had said to me, and after since meeting her, this was the first time I had stayed week without calling her, and to my shock, I felt awkward calling her…

At that time I realized, how I had been all wrong, with her, the whole time,
frankly, I don’t know, how many are there, who have or get this one person, who understands us,
I had mine as her, to that, and this point, of my life, I have only met 2 or 3 people like this,
and she was first of that kind, she knew me as a whole person,
and she cried leaving me, not while slapping her dad, but, leaving me,
and I didn’t even call her for a week, and the fact, she knew I wouldn’t, was a disaster,
you know, the moments when you feel, the whole world is gonna break apart, I had that,
and so I run, I run as fast as I could toward her place,
and she wasn’t there, her angry dad told me, with a weird look at his face,
cause it had been a week, since she had shifted, so I called my friend to drive me there,
I wanted to see her, one more time, talk, tell her that I have changed,
I reached her place, met her mother, and went straight to her room,
and frankly, I had reached the point where you go blank for a while,
she looked at me, asked why I was there?…to which I said,
Maybe you don’t know it, or maybe I haven’t shown it,
but I have been in love, with you since the very first time, I saw you,
I know, you know me, and I had proved to be the same jerk, as you know me,
but, can I just say, I love you, for this last part, to which she replied yes,
and frankly, to make this a memory, all I had to do was to kiss, to make this, a start off, my soul’s destruction….!!!

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