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Poetry about love. What is love? True love, changes the mind, thoughts, and life. Poetry about the endless sea, I sail every day.

First true love is like, the rarest wine,
Once you had it, you can’t ever have it back,
a change of mind,
its comes as a surprise, and makes someone worth,
much more than your life,
you know,
for half of our life, we think the opposite is sick,
and when love happens, what a beauty it is,
for them, your eyes crave all the time,
you just have, the desire to listen to them,
when you hold them, you know, the time has paused,
And in your arms, you have the most sensitive heart of all,
that could ever exist in this world…

What is love…?
is the question I have never hesitated to answer to…

its the music of life,
which never goes out of my season,
its the colour of my blood,
which flows in my veins,
its the endless sea,
in which I sail every day,
its the addition,
which make two souls into one,
or, in my case,
it’s the Sacrifice of life, without the use of any GUN…!!!

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