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Devil’s Life

Poem about Life, scars, faces, Devil, and God. Sad poetry on love. Thinking Bibles Verse, Words That Shakes dust!

My life has been a bar,
this body is full of scars,
new faces come, inside this bar,
look at me, like I m so hollow,
I see familiar faces passing by, too,
cursing me for life, and things, that I can’t defy to,
thinking what it’s like to be, a big jerk,
I know that they don’t like me,
but, that doesn’t surprise me,
things that I did, was my karma,
for a few things, I feel could be blamed,
Like for tears and sorrow on every face,
how was I wrong on my part…?
no one looked for my heart,
I was the guy, who walked in all this pain,
survived to live the life that was to be blamed…

I m Devil, indeed I am,
God created me to overcome the challenge of tempt,
to be set me, on the flames of pain,
and smile at the end, without the shame…

I m not bad because I enjoy everyone’s pain,
that’s because you need someone to blame….!!!

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