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Regrets are the best,
yet the worst thing, that you can have in your life…!!!

Worst, cause they hurt, and they hurt a lot,
and often there is a time when a pain so unbearable,
that you feel miserable, you feel abandoned,
you feel like, this world could move on,
no matter, how long you haven’t been moving,
no matter, how much you cry, or crave for a little fight,
and its the moment, when you realize the cruelty of humankind,
everyone is born alone and have to fight challenges of life alone,
I know, its a hard lesson, but it’s one that could change your life,
cause it gives us a chance to look at our self in the mirror of LIFE…

They are best, cause they move you, from your scheduled life,
days of the same appetite, and same old fights,
and the most important thing of all,
The wait for a turn to change your life,
you know, the way to change,
yet you choose the way to blame,
cause its way too simple, Then to take the blame…


what is that, you shame,
why can’t you rise up, to your own flame?

it’s your flame, cause you set it up,
so why this fear, what is it, that you afraid the most,
Oh, you think, your life’s page would burn to its ashes,
leaving no remark of you, in history of this earth’s classic…!

that is the point, where we all stop,
why can’t we look at the picture, above us all,

every light flame lights this world,
this world is too magical,
here, everything used in the present is a gift to the future,
So, all that we need is to set a flame, that could fight our darkness, and of others,
cause every single page has the potential,
to burn the book into ashes, and sometimes a whole house…!!!


“Quotation doesn’t come from what you hear or listen, it comes from what you have beared from the depth of your soul.”

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