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Mist of Life

This is a Poem about death and life, Life quotes and blogger’s mid-January journey to his home by the road not taken. Enjoy!

It was somewhere in mid-January,
And for the first time, in a while,
I was not in a hurry,

Today, I went to college after a holiday of lohri…it was quite a foggy morning…

So, I reached my college,
but was not in a mood to stay,
I wanted to go out and enjoy the mist in my way,
so, I picked up my bag and went out of the class…
I didn’t take the bus,
cause I didn’t have a destination inside my head
it was my break from my daily life and wanted to walk my way…

on my walk, I saw a school, reminded me
of the time when there were rules,
the time when we had to wait to enjoy our mood,
cause there was a schedule..!

the time when you used to race into the mist,
with your friend, cause someone finds it cool..!

the time when the mist was just mist, and not a phenomenon..!

in that while, I felt a lost breeze,
and for a moment, the time actually froze…

during that time, my mind had stopped,
but my body was moving, with the river of thoughts,
my face was cold by the slaps of wind,
caused by, cars on the road,
a sudden discomfort, I felt within me,
for the first time, it was hard for me to breathe…

in a while, I could feel time flow, again
and that was the time,
at the end of my walk,
when I saw a dead kitten lying on the road,
and realized it wasn’t the mist on the road,
it was my life which was in fog….

mist is always in our life, at times we enjoy it and at times we don’t,
but that’s not what we should care for…
the beauty of life is inside us not in the mist,
mist can always hide you inside it but at the price of loneliness,
but, at the end of mist, there is a light…which is the ultimate truth…and that is you…

So, enjoy your life, not the mist that comes and passes by…!!!

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