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Chapter-3: The Great Fall

Poetry about Fallen Angel And the journey to climb back to heaven. The journey Of the one who had the great fall and yet never stopped.

My wings crave the dive,
Wind chases clouds so that the sky could thrive,
The clouds hide behind the hills,
The river takes down the shadow to sea,
Where the sea captures the sky within,
That’s where the depth is lost,
Where the sun swallowed by the sea,
And at the farthest sight,
With a flash of rare green,
The light kisses the darkness, Good Bye!!!

Do you get it?

That was once my life, A schedule,
A reality, I dare not screw up,
I don’t know, Happiness I guess,
I know how Happiness sounds in a schedule,
Life in a Nutshell, the bird in a cage,
Dr Jones without adventure,
And Yes you do need an adventure,


The drop of water that gently swifts up from the sea,
Party over the clouds of thoughts that wind moves from above the sea,
Till there is a change of life in the wind,
And something hot enters MySpace,
MY LADY, Would you like to share the cloud of thoughts,
We shape it, We shake it and sometimes we stir,
And then you poke it and I fell to this earth,
A droplet on seed of coffee,
I hate to fast forward the movie,
But if you still can’t picture the feeling,
Let me give you a hint,
There is a kiss in the end, each time sun sets in the sea!!!

So this was my schedule, this was my life!
And I loved every bit of it, cause ignorance is a true bliss,
Yes it is, I mean, look at you,
You walk into this blog, looking for the great fall,
And In first set, you revised the process of evaporation,
And in the second, you got to know a piece of my life, and hopefully yours too?!

I hope you have lived this through,
Cause I m gonna give you My Eyes,
Sounds so wrong,
Ok, let’s try again,
Shade of my eyes!

So I sat next to her, and literally looked into her eyes,
I want you to imagine your school, my friend,
I don’t remember, where you sat?
But I was sitting right next to her,
Next to the third window in the room,
I envy the light that falls on her face,
As it kisses her more than I could,
Yes cause you are starring at us, My friend,
And I don’t know how you feel about PDA,
I am sorry, I don’t remember what you just said or your face,
But I remember her face, to every last detail…

Have you ever felt like, God I need to paint this?
Doesn’t matter if you are a painter or not,
Doesn’t matter if you ever hold a brush,
But God there is this sudden rush,
That was the first time I ever felt this,
I loved that feeling,
And then she says I love how deep your eyes are,
A smile grew on my face, as I had found the moon…

A drop of water running down to the sea, with memories of its siege,
Letting it all go still down into the ocean,
To stay light on its feet to fly in its routine…

Everything is casual, Everything is magical,
Till magician walks into the room,
And then you realize everything is just so much more,
He goes on his knee and the hidden rose appears from his sleeves,
He kisses me and the very next moment,
I open my eyes, I see his eyes looking at me,
Why were they open?

He holds my hand and takes me somewhere,
As he kisses me again after whispering close your eyes,
I feel the magic,
All I can remember as I opened my eyes,
We were surrounded by swans,
Next to a pond or lake, I cross this so many times, but it never felt this way,
Like this place will never be the same,
All I could feel was being in his arms and lost in his eyes…

You know, people like you and me, we don’t have depth,
We are all like these little drops of water,
The depth lies within the stories, between the moments,
In the travel, sometimes in a cup of coffee or tea or in a glass of wine,
It moves between the line, above the border, beyond the perception…

You see, it lies within the sea, you are part of,
I was there, just above my cloud nine,
There was my moon,
What to say, she came in with tides,
High or low, there were waves,
But no waves could go high enough to touch the sky,
And I was trying to reach the moon…

I let go off of everything, I was light on my feet,
And I flew, breaking myself off the sea,
For a second, I was above the clouds,
Above the heaven,
I stepped on the moonlight,
As I could see the stairs that lead to her,
Her love was pouring down her eyes,

Where were we?
Was this your kingdom?
Or was this mine?

But I left everything,
To be, or to not to be yours!!!
I believe, that was not my question,

I have all the answers, and there are few promises & words that are true,

‘Doesn’t matter what may come in this journey, the best part is us…’

Faith conquers all, if you know you are true,
But the stairs of light will still vanish,
If you don’t listen, to what you hear…

And so I fell from above the heaven,
The clouds didn’t seem to take my weight,
The museum doesn’t exist no more,
The heaven grind ed the clouds to make them roar,
And as I fell down hitting the mountain wall,
Each step I took down was like breaking down to the very core,
Thunder claps and the heart stops,
But I can’t stop moving,
This ground can’t be my grave,

Though moonlight shining & thunder veining is quite a stage,

I weigh nothing cause I always wanted to be light on my feet,
But it feels like chains of gravity got it’s hold on me,
Each step I took I saw less of me…

“Getting absorbed by an Tree”

I am no seed, that digs down it’s root in,
And stay, crawl my way up in air,
Live in your moonlight forever away,
I am water, I will find my way…

If weight is my past that this river of life can’t take,
I shall be the flood that reaches the sea with this mud,
Now this weight is what draws me in,
And I start falling,
The color of mud took over the sea,
Shallow the depth,
No more you can see me,
And I fell down going towards the earth’s core,
I wish I could just dissolve,
Be the sea,
A drop of water, I am no more,
And so I fell down till there is no depth to ignore…

She looked at me,
But I was no where she could see!!!

Have I changed?
I ask you my friend,
But she said yes,
No, love…

Out of all the possibilities,
You chose that one, which couldn’t exist,
I told you, in this bittersweet symphony,
Only we won’t change, I won’t change,
I told you, I will climb back, I will find my way,
But you seem to pierce through all the end…

Hey do you feel like a chapter closing?
Are you bothered by seasons changing?
Do you feel the earth shaking?
Cause I did hit the core and now it’s the time you hear me Roar…

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