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Chapter-2: The Quest In Heaven

Chapter From Book about the wicked clown who Moved this earth | Fantasy of Dreams between heaven and owning The Demon. Best Poem about Dream

Men tell Stories, Stories have Words,
Words are supposed to have meaning,
From the protagonist who moved the earth,
For some words, and that became a story,
For the men of the future, A Glorious Tale,
Of the man with the great Wail,
For you, the wicked clown,
Who jumps and Who frowns,
Always rushing out of the Town,
Climbing mountains for the Crown,
Displacing things, Replacing things,
Just trying to shape something…

Isn’t that everyone trying to do?

Dreaming, trying to live them,
And somewhere, you see heaven,
Something better than what you dreamt of,
Yeah, it feels like it was there for a second,
But it was there and I guess you can bring it back,
If you haven’t felt it, I hope you are young,
So you get there, I hope you start looking for it,
And when you do feel it, Let me know…

So yeah, I was there in heaven for 30 Days,
Maybe a couple of times before that,
What can I say, I lived the life of an Angel,
Flew into the dream, Up above the Sky,
Azrael stopped the time, Moments were hard to define,
But she was so fine, Even if I touched water, it became Wine,
Thirty Days of that, are not less, but I guess they are not more,
Enough is just what we can’t have, We are all trapped here…

The Demon that strangles us with its hair,
You break one, And he got plenty in its lair,
I guess she got strangled for a bit,
We all have our demon And Dreams, Don’t we?
But you never set one free,
Not to destroy the thing, You are trying to keep,
And so the demon was after me, He becomes Voice,
Not trying to strangle me, But just set lucifer free…

Hellfire Upon Me?!!
I wish, but no, I was the man in heaven with the devil in-ear,
They say the devil is in the details,
Trust me, he is, Making you have a look,
At how everything can wrong,
How everything can go wrong, 😀
Its how you are less, Helpless,
How your broad-head is gonna get in the way of everything ahead,
How you are gonna dive in to save her, And not be able to swim back,
It was like, Alright, I can do that,
The devil clapped, was like,
I hope you dive right into hell, With a smirk on his face,
And I came rushing down to you,
While you stood on the ground with a frown,
And I blew a kiss to you, for that smile…

Cupid was like, No, that’s not how it was supposed to Happen, Juliet was supposed to be Up, while the Romeo stand on the ground.
I guess I didn’t mind that, but don’t you remember, Romeo climbed the stupid thing to plant a kiss, I surely wouldn’t have a mind that…

But then she was fighting her own demons,
HellFire, no, Maybe something which was a little more,
Cause I know she wouldn’t miss a Kiss!!!

Can I something to tell you guys a truth about love?

Everything they say is true, everything they don’t, is a pinch of gun powder, resting on a stick of dynamite, just waiting for a spark to ignite and yeah sure, sometimes when this blast pushes you away, you just come down running to her or him, but if you keep on having such blasts, further away you are going to end. I don’t like to quote others, but a man said love is like a thread, I agree, so you gotta hold it tight. Don’t Pull so hard its not a fight, Tug Of War delight!

So no matter how far away from your land, you gotta hold it tight, Cause that’s the only way, you go back to him or her. They are at the other end of the thread.

So the days of heaven got extended a bit more.
How many you ask, I got 10 more…

Those 10 days were like, being stuck in a flood. You can’t move out cause there is water and you can’t stay in cause yes there is water everywhere. Sort of like being trapped?

No, that’s not it sir, See the whole situation of being stuck in a flood,
which may seem entrapping, is actually like the biggest game of the brain,
You can go out but you are afraid,
Of what all unknown has captured your known streets,
And Staying inside is like watching your stock price go down,
Under the water, and you have no clue, when will this end,
Till the water touches your bed-sheet…

You can make it stop, Raindrops,
No just choose what it’s going to be,
Write a plot, Sure if you can Why not?

Wouldn’t that be cheating?

It would be if you left her clueless,
What if I tell her, and still she leaves?

So how to tell someone, how you are feeling, without actually saying it out loud,
I am a Scorpio and yes I have used mystery as a charm,
I literally ate mystery for breakfast and Chinese for dinner,
But then I went crazy,
Father, but she wouldn’t listen to us?
She will listen to music,

Remember Me?
I wish I was your lover, I wish that you were mine,
I know you got this feeling,
But don’t you forget about me now…

I know, its crazy but not gonna lie, HONESTLY,
I may seem, but I am not HEARTLESS…

Can I tell you something?

Every love story is just waiting to be crazy,
Just waiting for someone to lie, to keep, to not share,
I kept something, cause I thought I knew how this thing goes,
If I have to be honest, I didn’t,
I knew the path, Cause I could see it,
I knew the journey, Cause I chose to write it,
But didn’t have a clue of what you will do…

I was afraid!
I wanted you to know what it is, that we are going through,
But I was afraid, of the words,
And the story of I lost the girl,
Cause She Left and I couldn’t do anything…

So Yeah, Stuck in a flood!!!

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