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Chapter-1: Leap of Faith

Poetry about Life AndĀ Fate. The Book that is going to change your perspective on life and how you seem to look at fate!

Is everything worth the wait?
Standing on the gate,
Knowing the address,
And still, be late,
Calling it Fate,
A Date with the Destiny,
Cause that’s all that matters,
A Date, with her,
Yeah, wouldn’t that be great…

Have I lost the track?
Yeah, Leap of faith,
I wish I took it when destiny was there,
Miss Fate had stock in here,
I was there,
Took a leap of faith, True faith!
God, it was so rare,
Bloody Hell, No fear, No shame, No Tear,
Didn’t feel anything but love?
It was like there was no leap,
No faith, No doubt & no promises…

How do you recreate that?
I thought being a writer,
I could see the story,
Bet on time and something Divine,
So I wrote a plot with a protagonist,
And a Master who drifts through time,
And somewhere there was me,
A poet who believed in poetry,
And made a choice to wait no more,
Run through the gate, towards Miss Fate,
But she wouldn’t appear without faith…
I hope I am not late?!!

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