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Days Without Heart

Sad Poem about failure in love. the story of Fire inside, loss, Stabbed angel, love quotes, and unconditional love of Devil. Love notes for broken heart.

Enjoy The Good Read!!

Life goes on
but you cannot
for every second
there is like wait for this miss
or her call, Maybe a text
but all you get is

You know when people say this is just like another bump on the road to success…but what that worth is a try…
That time no one understands that every try can end with a crack in heart…
Every failure acts as a lesson,
But this failure in love makes us vulnerable and hope is lost…towards the idea of true love…

Why does it sounds like MAYBE inside…
I don’t have any love left…

After and before her, Everything seems same,
Except i have a reason of shame…
Everyone was there,
Except for one…

She was the one, who had gone
n maybe it was the time
for devil’s eyes to bleed,
Run down the lava on these scarlet red cheeks,
As the air touches the tears,
It burns with the emotion, this rare,
I can’t fly no more,
My feet burns the ground to the core,
I loved her, and now i m no more,
Pulled, pushed, stabbed by angels of my mortality,
This breath seems to last infinity,
In Darkness, i go,
as i see no light anymore…

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