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Fallen Angel

This is a poem about failure in love. Story of Fallen Angel. Not from some poetry books, its true love and love quotes from Heart.

She stabbed My HEART
And went so far…
But she didn’t break it…
I was bleeding
With a stake in my heart
and no one was there to stop it…

In a second I saw death
But there was no heart-thumping…
I didn’t die that day
It was just MY HEART that passed away…

There is nothing wrong about falling, doesn’t matter if you fall in love or fall out of it. A broken heart tends to teach us more than the heart that sees this world as a paradise. This world is what you choose to make it. The world can be a bunch of people, it can be a girl or guy and it can the plain of existence where nothing seems satisfied. It can a beach where sunset means a new party or it can be hell where you go to bed without holding her. It can be your life flowing every each day at a time or just morning blessing of waking up by her side.

Life is always more than this world because it creates your world. So try to fill your life with those little peek-a-boo surprise and let the fallen angel feel some life. We live in the world but don’t make it your life. Your life is way more than the love you hold in your eyes, your love is meant to fill happiness in someone’s life.

I can understand your surprise, died man telling everyone how to live life, but isn’t experience what makes us shine bright. You are born a hero, an angel with the wings, and then you cut off those wings to be part of this world. So just for a day, and try to look for the reasons of little smiles.

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