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Last Temptation

It was the last girl, I fell in love with…</3

To start this illustration,
I would like to, refer to the duration of my frustration,
when I was being blamed, for my relations fluctuation,
with that girl, I thought, I had an equation,
between us, I felt, strong gravitation,
and for the first time,
I thought I was close to, my graduation in love,
with that girl, it was just integration of love,
but, ended it up,
leaving me, as a long-time victim of hallucinations…

So, after her, I was on to meditation,
not really looking for, any appreciation, or some dating assassination,
but there existed a girl, who was on to me,
while sinking in the river of accusations,
I got this invitation, waiting for my confirmation,
without me, even filling the application,
with the preparation of ‘No’, I did go to her,
on the process of confrontation, she left me mystified,
what she said, is priceless to be, written as a quotation,
all I can tell is, she wasn’t waiting for my confirmation,
having me in her life, was just like a beautiful fascination for her,
hearing this was a new sensation, at that point of time,
I felt like, for once I should do, what I asked to,
And love the one who loves me, to have a phase of celebration…!!!


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