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A Day After Christmas

One Of my favorite pieces of writing on a Christmas story narrated through a beautiful Poem. Combination of love and words.

26 December, I got news…!

It was a message of 7 pages,
which broke my vision of coming ages,
I didn’t have a clue,
it was my love that was true…

It had started a year ago,
I was looking for someone who was true,
cause I was wrong but not that strong,
I did, had a girl in my life,
she was right & I was wrong,
she was in love but I was not,
so we ended it up!

3 days before the day of my birth
she never came like the first light of dawn,
she was more like a dream of a night,
coming alive with beauty as a wine,

After that, I didn’t have anything left of my own,
I was for her and she was mine,
I became a lover with the THRONE,
A year passed, our words were never used to last,
day after day, my love was becoming vast,
like a river that might last till the sea,

THEN, there was a Christmas,
I went to church for the first time,
As I come from a different religion,
Don’t worry, I believe in god,
The one that stays in my heart,
Naah, I m not talking about her,

So Nothing could have gone wrong
as she was mine, I took a hold of her hand,
and prayed to almighty to grant me a WISH,

“let she be mine, for all the time I m granted to burn,
If she is the one!!!”

Yeah it was 26th December
and it was over with a message
that displays with a blink…


It’s not necessary that every love story should have a magical or happy ending,

Christmas is all about enjoying that one day with people, you care about,
Christmas is not meant to last for a year,
But why would we care, we enjoy it the way we want,
Try to make your life, like the day, of Christmas,
Full of celebration, joy and love for those, who care for you…

Cause I did find someone!!!

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